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13.11.2017 | Степан Максимов

Residents of Balashikha go to Moscow for clothes

Analysts of the consulting company «Sign» conducted a study of the shopping market Balashikha and the shopping preferences of city residents.


Balashikha is among the most developed large cities of the Moscow region.The population of the city is about 451 thousand people. At the same time, residents account for only 5 shopping centers with a total area of 10 to 17 thousand square meters. Currently, more than 1,100 enterprises of the consumer market and the service sector are located on the territory of the district, of which 2/3 belong to retail and consumer services enterprises. In the last year, the demand for catering establishments has been steadily growing in the city. The average monthly salary is 48 thousand rubles. The city is also very actively being built up. Developers are bringing large economy and comfort class neighborhoods to the market, in which, according to research, families whose adult members are from 25 to 34 years old, often with one or two children, live. Almost half of the apartments (44%) were bought with a mortgage, so 2/3 of the surveyed residents believe that their income is below average, and the purchasing power is limited.



According to the results of the study, analysts note that the most active purchases are made by people aged 25-44 with an average income, married and having children from 0 to 7 years (62.5%). At the same time, food and household goods are most often bought in the shopping center «Attacks» (44.2% and 42.3%, respectively), stores «Pyaterochka» (43.3% and 26%), «Magnet» (31.7% and 34.6%) and «Faithful» (25%). Also, buyers go to Reutov in Auchan and go to Lenta.


The shopping center "Vertical" became the leader among all shopping centers for the sale of household appliances, 51.9% of respondents said that they buy equipment in this shopping center, and 56.7% of respondents reported that they prefer to use online stores.


Sporting goods, books and stationery are most actively bought in specialized stores in Moscow or ordered via the Internet.


Buyers of men's and women's shoes and clothing prefer large shopping centers in Moscow, Reutov, small shops in the city, the market «Gardener» or order abroad. These turned out to be about 60.6%. Similarly, the situation is with the purchase of children's clothing and shoes. Only 24% of buyers dress their children in their hometown (mainly in the shopping center «Traffic light» – 21% of all respondents), the rest make purchases in other cities or via the Internet. According to experts, this can be explained by the lack of shopping centers in the city that take into account the financial capabilities of buyers, since the majority of respondents (57%) noted that the prices of clothing are somewhat inflated compared to similar goods in stores located outside the city.


Also, many residents mentioned the lack of a sufficient number of cinemas and entertainment for children. Another third of respondents believe that they lack fitness centers, even though the fitness services market in Balashikha is considered highly competitive, residents would like to have a fitness center within walking distance from home.


Elena Lebedeva, managing partner GC "Sign": "It should be noted that a similar situation is developing in many cities near Moscow, where, with all the wealth of choice, buyers prefer an alternative "ndash; shopping megamalls of Moscow along the MKAD. This is primarily due to the fact that the positioning of the shopping center does not take into account the needs of residents, and the goods offered are of inadequate quality or inaccessible to them at prices. Often, a competent repurposing of a shopping mall gives it a second life and increases customer activity.