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13.12.2018 | Альбина Весина

Online shopping in a new way

The online store YOOX has launched a new feature of its mobile application YOOXMIRROR, which can change our understanding of online shopping.Thanks to this feature, users will be able to select suitable images as quickly and accurately as possible.



Features of theYOOXMIRROR:
  • users will be able to try on their chosen images on specially created 3D models (avatars);
  • the new feature offers 250 new products per week;
  • the app immediately shows the brand and price of the selected item;
  • there is an assistant in the YOOXMIRROR interface, the Daisy avatar, which will give the user tips and hints.
The newimmersive online fitting room will offer to try on your favorite things on virtual 3D models. The owners of the shopping app will be able to experiment with styles and color combinations and eventually decide how effectively the images they have chosen will look exactly on their type of figure. Before making a purchase, everyone will be able to share their choice on Instagram and ask friends for advice or add things to the wish-list YOOX DeamBox for the future.
Virtual reality technology will put the selected items on a 3D model and show how they will look against the background of various decorations. The application offers to transfer to colorful fitting rooms, cafe interiors and famous attractions.
Comments Federico Marchetti, founder and CEO of the YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group: "YOOX has been going beyond the boundaries of the usual for almost 20 years. We always use modern technologies in an extraordinary way to engage the audience. YOOXMIRROR offers users a new, interesting online shopping experience.
Commenturet Paolo Macho, Director of YOOX: "The creation of YOOXMIRROR is a very important step for us, because we offer our customers something personalized, a new way to explore our range of YOOX. We have a lot of hopes for our invention, "avatar Daisy," because she will become the face of YOOX and will allow us to communicate directly with subscribers and customers.
Photo: YOOX press service