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12.02.2018 | Альбина Весина

New areas of application of technical textiles

The plant «Thermopol», developer and manufacturer of nonwoven materials Holofiber®, became a partner of the International Symposium «Scientific and Production partnership: interaction of science and textile enterprises and new fields of application technical textiles».


"Thermopol" has a unique production and technological potential accumulated over 14 years of production activity in Moscow in various industrial areas, and currently produces more than 1,300 articles of nonwovens Holofiber. All these years, the project relies on advanced industrial, scientific and research developments, often instantly introducing the most effective and optimal of them, initiates the exchange of ideas and experience of scientists and researchers, brings its high-tech developments and achievements of world leaders in the field of technical textiles to public discussion.

Viktor Gontar, General Director of LLC "Thermopol", Member of the Board of SOYUZLEGPROm

The organizers of the Symposium are traditionally Russian Union of Textile and Light Industry Entrepreneurs (SOYUZLEGPROM), Lomonosov Moscow State University, Ivanovo State Polytechnic University, Krestov Institute of Solution Chemistry.The main topic will be technical textiles.


The symposium will take place on March 21 as part of the Russian Textile and Light Industry Week 2018 at the Expocenter and will bring together hundreds of representatives of manufacturing companies, scientific, research and educational institutions.


Photo: Holofiber