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28.03.2019 | Юлия Ригби

LVMH Prize 2019: finalists are determined!

The LVMH 2019 award for young designers from the famous giant of the fashion industry is coming to the finish line. Eight participants will compete in the final. As emphasized in LVMH, their choice meets the requirements of the time. The final eight of this year included representatives of various regions of the world with very different stylistic orientation of collections. And, what is important both for the development of the competition and for fashion on different continents, the LVMH Prize 2019 for the first time is attended by designers from South Africa, Israel and Nigeria.

The key theme of this year is the viability of creative ideas and the consistent development of designers with a growing emphasis on ethics in fashion. And indeed, today in the fashion industry it becomes an important tasknot to offend someone with a T-shirt with an inscription or in an inappropriate way (let's recall a lot of scandals of the past year, which we wrote about earlier).

Finalists of the contest and examples of works by favorite designers, emily Bode and Bethany Williams

Among the finalists are the New York label BODE and Paris PHIPPS. Both brands focus on the quality of the fabrics used. Ethical issues play an important role in the work of the finalist Bethany Williams, who in her interviews has repeatedly explained that she is committed to studying social and environmental changes in the world and subcultures in order to influence these changes exclusively progressively through fashion. In fact, the secret favorite among fashion experts has already become an American Emily Adams Bode , who creates unique men's clothes from vintage fabrics, and even according to old patterns. Emily is a passionate collector, so she creates her men's new clothes from Venetian bedspreads and Edwardian tapestries, sews trousers and shirts from Ivory Coast embroideredtablecloths. She created her brand, already having experience working at Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren.It immediately became popular in Hollywood, and often stars appeared in strange and unusual outfits even at the Academy Awards ceremony.and «Grammys ». Sewing collections in small batches, Emily continues to preserve their uniqueness, searching for antique patterns and antique fabrics around the world. By the way, this year she was nominated for the prestigious American award in the fashion industry CFDA. Let's see if this talented artist will be able to get at least one of the awards.


List of finalists: Andrealage (designer Kunihiko Morinaga), Bethany Williams, BODE (designer Emily Adams Bode), Hed Mayner, Kenneth Ize (designer Izedonmwen), PHIPPS (designer Spencer Phipps) Stefan Cooke (designers Stefan Cooke and Jake Burt), Thebe Magugu.


We remind you that the winner will be announced in early June. The winner of the LVMH Prize 2019 will receive a cash awardin the amount of300 thousand euros for the development of his brand, and will also be under the tutelage and mentoring of a special teamLVMHduring the year.

Photo:open sources