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02.02.2017 | Елена Смирнова

ISPO sports, business, connected

In the modern sense, ISPO is not just an exhibition of goods for sports and recreation, it is a global platform for sports business and a partner for the entire sports industry. The brand includes the world's largest exhibition ISPO MUNICH, two exhibitions in China ISPO BEIJING and ISPO SHANGHAI, a news portal, as well as professional services ISPO Academy, ISPO Open Innovation,ISPO Brand New, ISPO Award, ISPO Job Market and ISPO Textrends.



With the help of these projects, ISPO offers support to companies operating in the market of goods for sports and recreation at any stage of business development. The best specialists of the industry within the framework of the project determine trends in the development of the market, offer innovative solutions for growth, and also conduct professional expertise in international markets.

ISPO MUNICH is the largest European sporting goods exhibition, which is held annually in Munich. The next season will take place on February 6–8, 2017. The figures speak for themselves: 16 pavilions with a total area of more than 180 thousand m2, more than 2585 exhibitors and over 80,000 visitors. Without a doubt, this is the most grandiose event in the world of sports trading.

ISPO BEIJING. The first season took place in 2005, and since then the event has been actively developing. The 2016 exhibition gathered 490 exhibitors and 39 thousand visitors. More applications have already been submitted for the event, which will be held from February 15 to 18, 2017, than a year ago, which means that the size of the exposition will increase. It is expected that the number of visitors will also increase.


ISPO SHANGHAI opened its welcoming doors for the first time just two years ago. The interest in the subject and the growth of sales of sporting goods in China allows us to predict that in the coming years China will become a leader not only in the production, but also in sales of these products. The exhibition in Shanghai is focused more on end users and gathers sports goods from different segments under one roof: outdoor, running, fitness, water and extreme sports. The next season will take place on July 6–8, 2017 and, despite the hot weather in Shanghai at this time, will again gather a large number of visitors.

The professional services of the exhibition deserve special attention. ISPO Academy – training programs for sports industry professionals – retailers and manufacturers. The training is conducted by leading experts with extensive practical experience. Seminars and master classes are held not only at exhibitions, but also as field events in different countries: France, Korea, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Poland and the Netherlands.



ISPO Open Innovation is a unique platform that allows participants to generate new ideas and create innovative products with the help of specialists: professional athletes, experts and enthusiastic consumers. ISPO Brand New is a business incubator for sports industry startups. A professional jury carefully examines applications from start-up brands offering innovative products in order to determine the best projects that will receive space for the presentation of their brand at the ISPO, press attention and, as a rule, proposals from investors. ISPO Textrends is a full-fledged platform for the exchange of knowledge and presentation of new technologies in materials for the production of clothing and equipment. Within its framework, forums are held and a zone for the presentation of new materials is organized, an annual encyclopedia of fabrics is published in printed and electronic form. They don't just follow trends here, they create them.

And the most important event of the year of the sports industry is the ISPO Award, a competition for brands established in the industry, the best of which is chosen by a competent jury consisting of both representatives of the sports industry and professional athletes, as well as enthusiasts from all over the world.



The best products are placed in a special area at all exhibitions, it traditionally attracts a large number of visitors. After all, the ISPO Award logo has already become a kind of quality mark, familiar not only to specialists, but also to ordinary customers.