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29.01.2018 | Степан Максимов

Sport Casual Moscow: results

On January 22–24, Moscow hosted an exhibition presentation Sport Casual Moscow, where the collections of the season "autumn-winter 2018/19" were presented for pre-order. The exhibition combined two formats: pre-order of collections of clothing, shoes, accessories, equipment for sports and outdoor activities and the exhibition «Technology Sport Casual».


The exhibition-presentation was attended by 55 brands from 16 countries: Austria, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Canada, China, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, USA, Turkey, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland.


The following categories of goods were presented: sports, casual, travel clothing and shoes, fitness and swimming clothing, dance clothing and shoes, sports footwear and clothing care products, accessories and travel equipment, as well as the latest technologies, materials and equipment for the production of sports, casual and travel clothing (fluff, membrane fabrics, fleece and knitted fabrics, insulation materials of Russian production), equipment and components for thread-free production, complex technological solutions for the sports and outdoor industry.



Russian factories-manufacturers of sports and outerwear, knitwear, working under the outsourcing system, presented their capabilities for the placement of large and small-scale batches of clothing.


As part of the business program of the exhibition, 10 seminars and presentations of factories, suppliers of materials and equipment for the production of sportswear and outdoor clothing, master classes of the best industry experts were held. In particular, the designer and founder of the innovative knitwear brand NorsoyanLyudmila Norsoyan held a master class "The fashion industry of the Made in Internet era".


On January 22, a round table was held "Experience and prospects of interaction of Russian outdoor manufacturers with leading Russian brands of PPE". The speakers discussed the issue of import substitution in the production of special-purpose clothing, as well as the prospects for placing orders at Russian factories.


The second round table, held on January 23, was attended by outfitters of Russian sports teams. The topic of the discussion was announced "Practical experience of Russian factories working with Russian and international sports teams".


The following topics were discussed: "Import substitution in the production of clothing for professional sports"; "Opportunities, advantages of work and prospects for placing orders for sports equipment in Russian factories"; "Practical experience of Russian factories with Russian and international sports teams"; ";How modern sports equipment helps athletes win - the Italian experience» and others.The discussion was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Russian Outdoor Group, owners and top managers of major Russian brands, manufacturing companies, equipment centers, leading professional sports and fashion publications.


Over 460 people from 73 cities of Russia, as well as Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Italy visited the exhibition in 3 days.


Photo: Natalia Bukhonina