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18.05.2017 | Степан Максимов

Geox introduces a revolutionary X-Store concept

The Italian brand Geox presents a new concept of single-brand stores called X-Store.The new design embodies everything that the brand is proud of today and that makes it recognizable all over the world: modern technology (X— symbol technology), Italian style, progressive design, comfort, breathable properties of all products, rational use of resources and production with minimal environmental impact.


The transparency of all processes in the factories of Geox is symbolized by large glass showcases. The entrance door with round holes   a reference to the branded perforation in the sole of Geox   invites you to enter the loft space of the store.



The spirit of freedom, modernity and creativity of the collections are conveyed by the materials of the walls - raw concrete and brick, traditional for lofts in which artists create. All materials used in the interior, – ceramics, metal, wood – comply with the certification LEED in the field of eco-friendly construction and embody the principles of environmental friendliness and concern for the environment and quality of life.


Digital technologies are turning X-Store into the store of the future. Interactive displays allow you to customize the search, find out all the information about any model, study its unique features, get acquainted with customer reviews and tips on which clothes to combine it perfectly. Wi-Fi and charging points in the fitting rooms allow each customer, if necessary, to contact their loved ones and hear their opinion about a particular model.



The concept of X-Store vividly demonstrates the importance of innovative technologies for Geoh and their place in the development of the company. This is a completely new approach to the retail process. Crossing the threshold of a new store, customers feel the values of the brand and its desire to bring maximum comfort to their customers' lives already at the stage of choosing shoes or clothes in the store.


The first store in conceptX-Storeopened in Kuala Lumpur, and in Moscow the opening of a new Geox store is scheduled for summer 2017.