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17.07.2023 | Roman Popov

Fashionable shades of the spring-summer 2024 season WGSN + COLORO

As centers of inspiration and innovation, WGSN and COLORO agencies predict color trends and provide tools and data for more efficient and sustainable work in the fashion industry.

FONDANT PINK 147 – 70 – 20

Pigmented pastel with a relaxed youthful appeal. It signals the return of sweet, soft shades of pink, which are easily combined with lilac and lavender shades. This color is associated with a sense of delight, a feeling that will become more important to consumers by 2024. Small moments of awe can act as an antidote to anxiety, improving well-being and slowing down our perception of time.

CYBER LIME 051 — 76 — 36:

Cyber Lime embodies synthetic realism, connecting us to our ever-expanding digital life. This is a sharp neon light that strains and energizes the body and mind. This color means a strong connection between nature and technology. It will move into the categories of fitness, outdoor activities, shoes, accessories and children's clothing, being used as an accent or a bright solid color.

NUTSHELL 024 — 37 — 20:

Rich and spicy brown walnut color is an off—season color that evokes warmth and confidence. He is inspired by the growing culture of thrift and resale, as well as the fact that consumers are determined to rewrite the rules of entrepreneurship and life. This color speaks of sustainability rather than novelty and a growing nostalgic feeling as consumers return to retro-inspired styles and colors... This is an important color for classic styles and investment items, but it can also be used to give seriousness. Due to its saturation, this color is suitable for a wide range of materials.

ELEMENTAL BLUE 117 — 47 — 13:

Elemental Blue confirms the continuation of refined halftone colors that speak of a slow lifestyle and increased sensory sensitivity. This practical color corresponds to the desire to find the right balance between work, Internet and leisure, representing the need for stability and moderation. Restrained and industrial in appearance, this color can become surreal and empirical in the environment of the metaverse.

RADIANT RED 011 — 50 — 32: 

A sweet and playful summer shade with a delightful quality. Stimulating and emotionally attractive colors that easily transform between the physical and digital spheres are now super important. Radiant red embodies the need to foster a more gentle, caring and loving culture.

This red feels light and young, while its optimistic nature applies to all age demographic and gender groups. While its abundance screams about the height of summer, Radiant Red is an off—season bright color suitable for a number of fashion categories.

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