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15.05.2019 | Наталья Кулагина

Fashion industry giants support sustainable development

On May 13, 2019, the world leader of the luxury industry LVMH Group announced the signing of an agreement with UNESCO on a five-year partnership to support the program Man and the Biosphere (MAV). This is an intergovernmental and interdisciplinary scientific program, the main objectives of which are the conservation of biodiversity throughout the planet and the solution of environmental, social and economic problems.



Within the framework of this partnership, the LVMH group will be present together with UNESCO at major international conferences and congresses in the coming years. In addition, LVMH will participate in research projects carried out under the MAW program and will provide resources for the creation of pilot zones where natural biodiversity will be preserved and its long-term protection will be carried out.



Audrey Azoulay, Director General of UNESCO, said: "We look forward to this partnership with LVMH to preserve biodiversity and our ecological heritage, and we are very pleased to receive support on this important issue from a group with a strong international presence. We have the experience, knowledge and desire to slow down the erosion of biodiversity, and together we must take measures to preserve our planet for future generations.


In turn Antoine Arnault, member of the LVMH Board of Directors, noted: "This partnership marks a significant step forward on the path of protecting biodiversity, which the LVMH Group has entered for a long time. We are glad to have the opportunity to work closely with UNESCO on these important issues."



Support for sustainable development for companies working in the fashion industry has become the main line of development. Almost simultaneously LVMH, Kering One of the world's largest luxury goods manufacturing companies has published new internal standards aimed at improving the situation of animals that are used in supply chains for the fashion industry.


"Animal welfare should be a prerequisite for our industry, and Kering wants to focus not only on a few species, but on all animals, including livestock, within the global supply chains for the industry," said Marie-Claire Davo, Head of the company's Sustainable Development Department.



According to the CEO of Kering, Francois-Henri Pinault, the introduction of new standards will become the basis for cooperation with all suppliers of the corporation and its brands, and with all colleagues in the production of luxury goods. Ultimately, they must change the way society treats animals and nature.



The standards are structured according to the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and include such requirements as a ban on intensive animal husbandry and agriculture, strict restrictions on transportation, refusal to use antibiotics for preventive purposes, etc.


Photo: LVMH, Kering, open sources