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31.01.2019 | Альбина Весина

Dirk Bikkembergs has signed an agreement with GBG

The Belgian brand Dirk Bikkembergs has signed a license agreement for the production and distribution of shoes with Global Brands Group Holding Limited (GBG). The current partnership with Zeis Excelsa, the owner of the brand, Levitas S.p.A., will close at the end of the spring-summer 2019 season, and the new license will take effect from the autumn-winter season. 2019». Cooperation withGlobal Brands Group Holding Limitedshould lead to the development of both the product and distribution, and thereby increase the value and brand awareness. The global deal will open up new prospects, open access to the windows of large stores around the world. A new stylistic vision will appear in the brand's shoe collections, innovative materials and production technologies will be used in the production.


The Belgian shoe brand Dirk Bikkembergs has signed an agreement with GBG


Comments Dario Predonzan, Executive Director of Levitas S.p.A.: "The new partnership with Global Brands Group is an important step in the modernization of the brand, a journey that began several seasons ago. This deal is one of the most important elements for future growth. We are proud to cooperate with one of the best players in the shoe industry and are confident that the perfect formula for creating innovative collections and strong competition in the market will be born in the interaction between our brand and GBG. We are enthusiastic about what awaits us, given the strong sports DNA of the brand Bikkembergs and the experience ofGBG in the luxury sector.

According toMike Hiscock, Managing Director ofGlobal Brands Group for footwear and accessories in Europe, the partnership with Dirk Bikkembergs is an important initiative that is part of the strategy companies to expand the portfolio of European brands. Taking into account the experience ofGBG in the field of design and distribution, the company's management sees real opportunities for global growth in the distribution of both men's and women's shoes.


Photo: Dirk Bikkembergs