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20.02.2019 | Юлия Ригби

Chanel will be headed by Virginie Viard

As reported today The fashion house Chanelon its page in Instagram, after the departure of the greatKarl Lagerfeld his assistant and the right hand of Mrs. Viar. 

"We have chosen a designer who will follow Karl Lagerfeld's unique 36-year experience with our Fashion House. Virginie Viard will become the creative director of Chanel.

Chanel House

Fashion insiders have been thinking for a long time about a possible replacement for Lagerfeld, throwing names like to the pressMarc Jacobs,Haider Ackermannand one of the most beloved designersLagerfeld   Edi Slimane. So, at the beginning ofAugustLagerfeld released a book in which he explained that his main motivation for losing weight was the desire to wear tight suitsDior Homme by Slimane. But the choice of the House fell on the one who knew Karl the most and worked hand in hand with him.


Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard


Most of his time atChanel Lagerfeldworked together withViarto create several annual collections. She has appeared alongside the maestro at many recent shows, including appearing alone at the haute couture Spring 2019 show, which Lagerfeld was unable to attend due to illness. Now it seems that the iconic brand is in good hands. Let's see what time and the podium will show.


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