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15.10.2018 | Лидия Соколова

Astrakhan cotton at VDNH

The need to provide Russian textile workers with their own raw materials is discussed, practically, at all meetings and forums devoted to light industry. And now the first results of these conversations are already appearing.



At the exhibition "Golden Autumn", which is held at VDNH in Moscow, the Astrakhan region presented a stand with agricultural products, including locally produced cotton. 250 hectares of agricultural land were sown with a zoned cotton variety. The whole crop is intended for the needs of the textile enterprise of the Volgograd region. Now cotton is still in the fields and the harvest dispute will begin in the second decade of October. 


"This culture is not new for our region. Our farmers have successfully worked out the technologies of caring for this crop. And the volume of plantings will be increased next year"

Sergey Morozov, Acting Governor of the Astrakhan region


Cotton began to be grown in the northernmost district of the Astrakhan region - Chernoyarsk. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the region, the project to revive cotton growing in the Astrakhan region is being implemented jointly with the Volgograd company Kamyshinsky Textile. The capacity of the cotton fabric manufacturer is estimated as 20 thousand tons of cotton per year. 


Photo: shutterstock