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B2B Журнал
10.04.2024 | Амина Айзятова

12 Storeez summed up the results of 10 years of work as a new advertising company

On April 9, casual clothing brand 12 Storeez celebrated its 10th anniversary. In honor of this event, the brand launched a new advertising campaign, the main characters of which were the founders of the brand, the Golomazdin sisters and Ivan Khokhlov. The famous Spanish photographer Alvaro Beamud Cortes captured the creators of one of the most successful brands in Russia; stylist Katya Tabakova was invited to style the images. The shooting itself took place in Paris, where the first outdoor lookbook for 12 Storeez was filmed almost 10 years ago.

“10 years 12 Storeez is a story about people. About each of us. About the team, partners, friends and clients, family. About every person. This is a story about great support and faith, perseverance and work, team and common goals, joint growth. This is a story about love and people,” shared one of the creators Marina Golomazdina in her telegram channel.

In honor of the 12th anniversary, Storeez is preparing many surprises: from April 11 to 14, customers of the brand will be able to receive gifts when purchasing in flagships - in Yekaterinburg, on Bolshaya Konyushennaya in St. Petersburg, as well as in Moscow at Afimall and a store on Stoleshnikov Lane.

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