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29.05.2018 | Альбина Весина

Work Shop от «Trend & Tendance»

The leading European consulting bureau«Trend & Tendency» is conducting an intensive course on key processes of the fashion business in Paris from July 1-6. The course will be of interest to designers, owners of their own brands and showrooms, fashion industry specialists and fashion connoisseurs.



Work Shop from the fashion agency Trend & Tendency» is a unique opportunity to learn about the world of Parisian fashion first-hand, get acquainted with the key global fashion trends, develop the strategy of working with the press, budgeting,brand development strategy at the local and international level, to build sales channels and think about investments, in general, to understand the fashionable cuisine from and to.



How does Paris Fashion Week work from the inside and what does the glamorous picture hide? How to promote the brand on the international market? How to use social networks in the modern fashion industry?What is the influence of journalists on the fate of the designer? This and many other questions will be answered by experts fromTrend & Tendency» insiders of the French pr weekêt-à-porter and haute couture, real industry practitioners.



Experts will share their secrets and experience gained over many years of close work with successful Parisian fashion houses, designers, showrooms, on the set and on the back-stage of fashion shows, and will help to understand the fashionable aspects of the European backstage.



As part of a practical case-study, you will meet with designers, get acquainted with the press bureau, visit the north of France, which has been famous for lace produced there for more than 200 years. The Paris boutique of conceptual brands will tell you how to get to the showcase that every designer dreams of.



The French fashion industry has a century-old history and sets the tone in the international fashion market. Designers from all over the world tend to Paris as a center of attraction for both talents and investors, buyers and the press. As Ernest Hemingway said, Paris is a holiday that is always with you. Conquer it – and conquer the whole fashion world.


Photo: «Trend & Tendance»