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Since 1979, jeans marked with the big star sign carry not only a guarantee of high quality, but also a design corresponding to the latest fashion trends.



For almost 40 years, jeans have been the basis of the business of the firmBIG STAR. In addition,BIG STAR complements them with other wardrobe items and fashion accessories. Today, the brand offers a comprehensive selection of jackets, blouses, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, dresses, as well as various types of accessories, starting with hats and ending with shoes.


For designersBIG STARwork is a passion, clothing is decorative and applied art, and jeans are an element of culture. Thanks to this sincere and passionate approach, the brand has successfully gained the trust of customers in Poland, as well as in other European and Asian countries.


Currently, the brand has 180 stores in Poland and 60 points of sale in Europe and Asia. Both Polish and foreign networks are successfully growing and developing.


BIG STARprovides stable work and social guarantees to more than a thousand employees who daily take care that the brand's products meet the expectations of each generation of customers. ForBIG STAR, the trust and loyalty of customers means that the company must provide products that fully meet expectations and changing trends in fashion. Thanks to the optimal price-quality ratio and a large range of products, even the most sophisticated buyer will find something in the collectionBIG STARits»



BIG STAR is clothing for independent and self-confident young people who appreciate a free and comfortable lifestyle, follow the latest fashion trends and they want to look their best!


High quality, attractive accessories and details are an integral attribute of all collections.

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