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ZigZagDecor: the best possible


ZigZagDecor – wholesale supplier of accessories for the integrated supply of sewing enterprises. The company ZigZagDecor has been operating since 2008, successfully supplying the Russian market with sewing accessories.


ZigZagDecor showcase on the Fashion magazin b2b platform


In 2015, the sewing accessories direction became an independent division, as customer requests and monitoring of the market of Russian clothing manufacturers showed a high need for modern original and high-quality accessories at adequate prices. In 2016, the trademarkZZD was registered, the main task of which was to satisfy the manufacturers' request for high-quality accessories at affordable prices. 


Accessories from Europe are guaranteed to be of decent quality and non-standard design, due to the growth of the euro exchange rate, they have become inaccessible to domestic brands and manufacturers focused on a wide sales market. In this situation, the ZigZagDecor team, carefully studied all the wishes of manufacturers of clothing, shoes and bags, tested and selected the best factories in China. This list includes productions that cooperate with European and American brands on a permanent basis. ZZD offers only proven high-quality goods with a clear delivery schedule. Long-term partnerships and optimized logistics allow us to maintain a unique price-quality ratio.


Today, under the brand nameZZD, a wide range of zippers, buttons, lace, decor and appliques has been formed. Moreover, each type is designed and manufactured taking into account the most modern trends of European fashion. The Lace segment is actively developing. Already today, ZigZagDecor can supply a wide variety of types of these products made of natural and artificial materials, including the most popular type of lace today, Chantilly, soft and silky.


ZigZagDecor showcase on the Fashion magazin b2b platform


The struggle for metal


The trend of the next season is metal zippers and buttons. Representatives of the company ZigZagDecor personally control every stage at the production site, from the approval of the sketch to the packaging. Special attention is paid to metal polishing and coating. The zippers made for the trademark have a perfectly soft stroke, and the buttons do not lose their original shine and color and are used much longer without loss of decorativeness.


The company ZigZagDecor is constantly looking for opportunities to expand the range and network of partner factories. They try to find unique accessories that will inspire fashion designers to be creative and create new unique images. The possibilities of the brand are very wide: the supply of zippers and buttons according to the sketch and with the client's logo, of any colors, combinations and sizes. The minimum batch of goods is from 50 pieces.


ZigZagDecor showcase on the Fashion magazin b2b platform


ZZD – these are accessories for segments «premium » and «medium» guaranteed high quality at the best price.


Main categories of goods:

  • zippers (metal, «tractor», «tractor» coated with metal, spiral, hidden);
  • buttons (metal, plastic);
  • lace (made of natural threads (cotton/linen), chantilly);
  • tapes (atlas and reps);
  • decorative accessories (beads, rhinestones, jewelry);
  • applications

ZigZagDecor showcase on the Fashion magazin b2b platform


Fittings under the brand name ZZD are trusted by eminent designers and large sewing industries. The products of ZZD are sold by the largest wholesalers of sewing accessories – «Welltex», «MAG», «Sima Land», «Logos».


ZZD – everything you need to create successful collections!