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Ura – a young brand of sportswear in the style of sportswear.The founder of the brand Irina Kadakova has a direct relationship to sports. In the early 2000s, she received a diploma of a Reebok aerobics coach from the hands of Natalia Korkh. She worked as an aerobics coach. She worked as a marketer in a company that produces women's classic coats. But having retained her love for sports style, she had been carrying the idea of creating a brand of clothes in a sports style for a long time.





Last year Irina met a designer Alyona Polyanskaya, who created clothes for sports and the decision to create the brand was made.  It was up to the naming. The founder of the brand is fond of fashion, draws sketches, writes paintings and graduates from the Moscow Art Institute. Surikov.

"We make special efforts to make things comfortable, so we have great demands on the composition of fabrics. URA   these are high-quality fabrics. And, of course, finishing is important. We pay great attention to the elaboration of details and use the most modern possibilities for printing on fabric.

Irina Kadakova

The first collection is striped elastic bands, contrast of black and white, stunning double-sided mesh in natrual form and in print. Bombers of different lengths and sizes are oversize, sweatshirts, hoodies, printing letters "U", as a reminder of their individuality, creative prints.

Designer Alyona Polyanskaya has worked for many years in a company that developed functional sportswear, is well versed in sports fabrics. Together, they created the first collection, combining fashionable chic and sporty style.





Inspired by Street Style and sports celebrity bows, the girls created a collection in the style of sportswear. In stylish models of the brandURA, you can meet friends in a cafe or in a park, go to an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, go on a trip and always feel comfortable and always be relevant and fashionable.



"We carefully analyze the market, look through a lot of materials, study fashion trends. We are a designer brand and we try to create models in the conditions of a saturated market that will be really loved and help express themselves. We win the heart of the customer by watching her, creating really interesting things. Context is important for today's youth."

Irina Kadakova

The designer has created a series of inscriptions dedicated to a modern girl who can be both strong and gentle at the same time.

 The brand Ura  was created for eccentric girls who have inner freedom and a positive attitude to life, it is:

  • endorphins of sports joy
  • fashion trends
  • the sexuality of the athletic body
  • comfort of sportswear
  • stylish creative finishes

Everyone wants to be sexy and modest, sporty and elegant, stylish and gentle, a keeper of the hearth and an ambitious careerist. Clothes of the brand URA allows girls to combine the incongruous, which means to show their individuality.



«We focus on our theme – sportswear style, believing that nothing will emphasize sexuality like sportswear style. Surprisingly soft and comfortable cotton, elastic bands, braid, mesh, fashionable lacing, stripes, creative prints allowed us to combine the trends of various styles into one whole and create a really wonderful bright collection.


This is especially important, because with the growth of online sales, the buyer can immediately compare collections of different brands and more and more begins to base the choice on a specific thing, a certain design, and not just on the brand.

In the 2017 collection you will see the following color combinations: black and white, khaki, milk and beige. The Ura brand is being developed and sewn in Russia.

In February, the collection goes on sale.


URA SPORT&CHIC – This is a real sports car. It's trendy and comfortable!