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Skandia: originality, practicality, quality


You won't believe it, but there is winter in sunny Italy! And it is among the mountain peaks and brave skiers that the origins of the brand Skandia are located, which has been producing winter shoes and après ski for women and children for more than 40 years. Practicality combined with original design and high quality is the basis of the brand.


Skandia has extensive experience in creating comfortable shoes, and the constant desire of developers to make the company's products even better has led to close cooperation with research institutes and the use of innovative technologies in production. Therefore, all products are warm, light, waterproof, suitable for extreme conditions and outdoor activities.


Skandia brand on the platform


Today, the Skandia brand is well known to buyers from the USA, Canada, and European countries, and the company has big plans for the development of new territories. Moreover, there are opportunities for this: a wide range of products is produced at the holding's factories in different countries of the world and is stably shipped to customers, allowing them to satisfy all the buyers' requests. For example, the brand's assortment includes an additional line of basic winter boots and boots for women and children Skandia Basic. All models of the base line are versatile, have a classic design and a rich color palette.


Skandia  these are serious production facilities, technical and administrative departments, which means a high level of customer support, prompt advisory service and efficient logistics.


Skandia brand on the platform


Skandia: innovations and technologies


All shoe factories Skandia use only high-quality materials that meet all the norms and standards of Europe. In special laboratories, the products are tested for thermal insulation, water resistance and steam removal. 


Maximum comfort is provided by the base of the shoe, made of a water-repellent membrane SkandiaTex. All parts are connected by special seams that do not let heat and water through, which allows the feet to stay dry and warm in any weather: even in slush at +5°C, even in severe frosts up to -30°C.


Skandia brand on the platform


Made of innovative multicomponent polyurethane BASF Elastopan® the sole of the shoeSkandia does not slip and provides maximum grip on any surface. It is characteristic that the elasticity of this material and the depreciation of products made of it is preserved even at the lowest temperatures.


Special insoles with three layers of insulation have become a special feature of Skandia shoes.The first layer, made of polypropylene, absorbs moisture, the second has the function of thermal insulation, and the third, made of wool felt, takes moisture from the polypropylene layer and removes it through microscopic pores, maintaining comfortable conditions for the feet.


Skandia brand on the platform