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Assortment and materials

Salome the Raccoon is a brand of basic and colorful clothing. The team purposefully adds a touch of fun to their designs to brighten up the otherwise monochrome market. Therefore, things are presented both in calm shades - milky, white, beige - and in catchy shades - pink, turquoise and others.

The collection includes hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeves, joggers, trousers, shorts and unisex T-shirts. All clothes are oversized, and fabrics such as footer and sweatshirt are as natural and pleasant to the body as possible.

Brand name and world of Salome the Raccoon

The name was born thanks to deep spiritual practices. The Salome the Raccoon team loves to explore themselves and the world around them and are inspired by it.

As you know, a totem animal is considered a guide and protector of a person throughout life. So, at the moment of meditation, a raccoon appeared to the co-founder. Now he is the spirit animal of the entire brand.

It was also decided to use the name Salome, which the creators saw in another meditation that helps to recognize one’s past lives and reincarnations.

Here's what the brand team says: “Since the raccoon is the totem animal of Salome the raccoon, we decided to visit the Moscow Zoo on an exciting excursion. The joy and tenderness of meeting these funny and cute creatures was so great!!! We decided to take care of the raccoon Solomon. From time to time we visit the raccoon we care for, Solomon. We take great pleasure in photographing him or filming him.”

The raccoon is an interesting representative of the genus of predatory mammals, a transitional link between mustelids and bears. They have a reputation for being smart and mischievous. Their intelligence and agility allow them to survive in a wide variety of environments.

One of the reasons for the raccoon's success in the evolutionary race is its developed intelligence. Biologists believe that according to this criterion, the raccoon is not inferior to the domestic cat, which is rare in the wild. After all, the cat has evolved for thousands of years, living with humans. During selection, the more capable were selected. And raccoons surpassed dogs in their ability to remember.


The brand's designers, together with illustrators, created unique prints in limited editions. In the first drop, it was decided to print raccoons on 80% of the products to make the mascot recognizable. The raccoon in the prints dresses up in different ways. Be it a total look from a show, for example, Walter Van Beirendonck). Or into a world celebrity (for example, Rafael Nadal). Or in traditional national costumes of the peoples of the world (for example, KONNICHIWA or MUFASA).

All Salome the Raccoon collections can be ordered directly on the Fashion Magazine platform.