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Sabina Mak is a young Russian haute couture clothing brand.


Sabina Mak is the brainchild of a talented Moscow fashion designer Sabina Makatova, recently a graduate of the Kosygin Moscow State University of Design and Technology.


The designer constantly collaborates with singer Eteri Beriashvili and Christian Kostov, for whom individual stage images are created. She also worked on the stage and everyday style and images of a contestant from Russia on the "New Wave" of singer Nodar Reviya. Sabina has stage images of Yulia Tereshchenko, Zarif Norov, Lilit Voice, Olga Sinyaeva, Andrey Tsvetkov on her account.


Each image is unique and hand-stitched by craftsmen.


The collections of the Fashion House «Sabina Mak»  have been repeatedly awarded at All-Russian competitions of designers and couturiers. The uniqueness of the brand lies in high-quality fabrics, tailoring and exclusivity of each product, each of which is designed both for publication and for everyday wear. Choosing the brand «Sabina Mak» you choose comfort and quality.