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TM "Vernissage"was created in 2016. We went to our production for several years: we sold children's clothing of different brands, different manufacturers. Over the years, experience has accumulated, customer reviews have accumulated, the strengths and weaknesses of products have been identified, the wishes of consumers about the options for colors, shapes and sizes of clothes for babies have been taken into account. At one point, an idea was born: what if we don't point out their shortcomings to our suppliers, don't tell them what we want to see in our store, but just take it and do it ourselves as our customers want? We will do it beautifully and efficiently, taking into account the wishes of moms.


So there were clothes of our own production: cool, pleasant to the body, made of the highest quality canvases «singing ». Clothes that do not fly out buttons, clothes that do not sit down when washing and do not shed. The sizes correspond to the actual ones, with colorful colors or calm monochrome. Without unnecessary frills and unnecessary stripes. Clothes that are loved: simpler than simple – only convenience and quality. And the price is just a fairy tale!We are parents ourselves, we know what it's like to buy clothes for your precious child, and after the first wash to see this thing in an absolutely unsightly condition. We got rid of this component of the bad mood of moms. We always warn our customers: «Be careful, our quality is addictive!»
Our motto, which we embody every day: "All children are a big family, and family for us is forever."