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Terms of cooperation

Location:Russia, Leningrad region, Luga.


Territorial coverage:Russia and neighboring countries.


Terms of pre-order sessions:The deadlines for placing orders for the school collection are from November 15 to December 31, for the autumn-winter collection from November 15 to February 15. 


Custom-made knitwear collections:Knitwear is produced under the customer's trademark. The factory's specialists will perform the entire complex of preparatory work. Production terms, minimum batches and other conditions are negotiated individually for each order.


Terms of cooperation:By agreement with the buyer.


To buy collections of NITTO LUGA wholesale, register on the b2b platform "Fashion magazin" and send orders inside your personal account.

Communication directly with a Brand representative in your personal account, prices, discounts, shipment volumes, special conditions in one click!