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NEW IN TOWN – a smart look at men's fashion


If your target audience is young not only in body, but also in soul, if it is important for them that high-quality and comfortable things do not look like a grandfather's inheritance, if they are not satisfied with inflated prices for fashionable clothes, then you are on your way with the brand NEW IN TOWN.


NEW IN TOWN – this is the personification of the smart casual style. A harmonious and precisely verified combination of things in a sporty style with restrained casual clothes. To feel comfortable, to be yourself, to be fashionable, without straining and without disguising yourself, that's what NEW IN TOWN offers its customers.


NEW IN TOWN These are both elegant finished images and stylish individual wardrobe items: wool jackets, jersey, long sleeve shirts, knitted pullovers, vests and jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, hoodies and longsleeves, chinos and jeans. All products are made of high-quality Italian materials using modern technological developments.


NEW IN TOWN – smart casual for men.


NEW IN TOWN – freedom at the highest level


Every year, the brand produces 6 collections of clothing segment "medium plus". Quality control of products is carried out at all stages of production, from the choice of material and tailoring to the manufacture of the smallest details. A great combination of Italian ease and Scandinavian restraint.


The brand NEW IN TOWN is ready to dress all young men. If your customers are looking for something modern, new, affordable and with a perfect fit, this brand is just for them. And most importantly: there is no need to send a buyer to a grueling shopping marathon - he will find everything he needs from the brand NEW IN TOWN.


Brand specialists will help develop a store design for successful sales NEW IN TOWN, build an ideal visual merchandising system, and conduct marketing campaigns. The brand supports wholesale customers by advertising in specialized magazines, providing advertising and POS materials at points of sale, actively develops social networks, regularly participates in well-known international exhibitions and conducts seminars and trainings for staff training.


An individual approach and daily communications allow us to find optimal schemes and methods of working with the products of the brand NEW IN TOWN.


NEW IN TOWN – smart casual for men.