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MONFLAME is a clothing brand from St. Petersburg.


We adore knitwear in all its manifestations and believe that it is knitwear that should form the basis of the wardrobe of a modern urban dweller. Things that do not crumple, have a fashionable silhouette, perfectly combine with each other and with other things and are suitable for any occasion.


The key models of the brand are T-shirts and sweatshirts, modern shapes made of pleasant to the touch fabrics. We are against single-use in clothes and we want to ensure that each of our things becomes a favorite in the wardrobe, worn for a long time and with pleasure. To do this, we use organic cotton, modern varieties of viscose modal and tencel.

Prints MONFLAME ironically bright are produced in limited editions and applied with dyes, the safety of which is confirmed by European certificates.