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Company Mademoiselle one of the leading manufacturers of hosiery, women's and men's underwear, producing products under the brands Mademoiselle and LUI. The company is also эксклюзивным дистрибьютором марок TRASPARENZEGIRARDI Ysabel Morain Russia.



20 years of work have brought Mademoiselle wide fame and popularity in the underwear market. The company is distinguished by an extensive client network in Russia and neighboring countries.


Our portfolio includes more than 1,500 products of well-known brands. Therefore, we can offer:

  • A large assortment range and a variety of models: from classics and universal seamless underwear to fashion and fantasy. 
  • Wide size grid: from 1 to 5, +Size. 
  • A rich color palette, which allows you to purchase up to 33 shades of one model. 
  • The price range of the category is from «medium+» to «lux». We guarantee competitive prices in the premium segment with high quality.
  • High-quality materials from European manufacturers: Italy, Albania, Turkey.

Mademoiselle is a brand of seamless women's underwear and hosiery: tights,socks,leg warmers,leggings. A distinctive feature of Mademoiselle is the use of high-quality cotton. The products are manufactured in the countries of Italy, Albania, Turkey, Poland.


LUI men's seamless underwear and underwear, socks. All products are made of natural fibers: cotton, wool, viscose, high-quality modal. The production of products is located in factories in Italy, Turkey, Albania.




Bright and bold innovative solutions by Italian designers in fantasy collections GIRARDI An Italian brand of fancy stockings and tights. Bold and piquant innovative solutions, bows, ruffles, rhinestones, French lace - all this will not leave any man indifferent! 




Ysabel Mora – women's slimming corrective underwear of the brand of Spain, which allows you to create seductive curves where it is needed and hide imperfections.