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05.02.2024 | Roman Popov

Reasons to pre-order the Merselis Spring-summer 2024 collection for wholesale buyers

In the fashion world, where every season sets new trends and standards, the importance of foresight and planning cannot be overestimated. Wholesale buyers who want to stay one step ahead should already pay attention to pre-orders of the spring-summer 2024 collections. But why is it so important? Let's figure it out based on reputable sources in the field of fashion, sales and marketing.

Fashion industry trends
According to reports from Vogue Business and WGSN, pre-orders allow wholesale buyers to adapt to rapidly changing trends, ensuring that their range will match the latest fashion trends. Experts emphasize that advance planning is the key to success in a highly competitive fashion retail environment.  

The production cycle
As Forbes points out, the length of the production cycle in the fashion industry requires wholesale buyers to plan ahead. Pre-orders provide enough time for production, quality control and logistics, minimizing the risks of delays and customer dissatisfaction.  

The importance of pre-orders for wholesale buyers
Retail Diveemphasizes that pre-orders allow wholesale buyers to ensure the availability of in-demand models, avoid shortages of goods and optimize pricing. This not only ensures that demand is met, but also increases the efficiency of inventory management.  

Marketing strategies
Marketing experts say that pre-orders help create interest in a new collection, which is a valuable tool for building a brand. As practice shows, companies using a pre-order strategy often see increased demand and customer loyalty.

Case studies and practical examples
Examples of successful pre-orders from leading fashion brands, highlighted in Fashion United's analyses, demonstrate that this approach not only stimulates sales, but also strengthens the brand's position in the market, ensuring stable interest and demand for products.

Merselisoffers its unique collectionSpring-Summer 2024, adapted to the latest fashion trends and market needs. For wholesale buyers seeking to ensure the success and satisfaction of their customers, now is the time to consider pre-orders. This is not just a purchase, it is a strategic investment in the future of your business.  

The entire collection is already presented in Moscow, before the CPM exhibition, at:
Business Center "Nov" Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya str., 40/12, bldg. 2,office 104 M. "Krasnoselskaya", "Baumanskaya"
We are waiting for you for wholesale orders and stylish looks from MERSELIS!

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