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Merselis—created for Russian women!  

Merselis is a Russian brand of women's clothing from Voronezh, which has grown from a small atelier into a popular brand that is actively sold in Russia, CIS countries and abroad.

  • 18 years of experience in creating women's clothing
  • 150 employees - a team of professionals
  • 50 successful collections
  • 700 points of sale throughout Russia
  • 4 seasonal collections every year with a wide assortment and size range
  • 2500 sq.meters of production, a rich line of equipment.

The Merselis brand is clothing for women from 25 to 50 years old. These are bright, interesting, beautiful, stylish, cheerful women.

The "trick" and the secret of the success of Merselis is slightly increased sizes, which are actually normal for Russian customers. The models are designed for girls and women with a build from 46 to 58 size.

The brand has long formed its own design bureau, which closely monitors global trends in order to then select the best ideas and adapt them to the needs of customers. Over the years, the design department has developed branded patterns that ensure optimal fit on different types of figures.

When creating Merselis collections, the requests of customers and buyers throughout Russia are taken into account. The founders of the brand have a huge experience of personal sales of women's clothing in the regions, so there are no "random" things here. Only what Russian women really need! Only what is really for sale!

The team is carefully working on the fit and architecture of the product. Where to make what tuck, what length will look better depending on the size, etc. Everything is adjusted from season to season for female Russian figures. The key factor of the products is the quality and excellent fit!

Elegant, perfectly fitting, affordable, Merselis collections can be ordered directly on the Fashion magazin platform.