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29.01.2024 | Roman Popov

Laplanger: style, warmth, color

The Laplanger collection offers down jackets with various insulation materials, including the GOOSE(Down insulation) and LOFT(Artificial insulation) lines to meet the needs of each customer.  

Comfort in the cold season is not only a matter of style, but also reliable protection from frost. Laplanger down jackets are designed for temperatures up to -60C,which makes them an ideal choice for harsh winter conditions.  

The collections of down jackets and jacketsLaplanger feature various color solutions that emphasize the uniqueness of each image:  

  • Dark blueshade symbolizes stability and reliability, ideal for lovers of classics.  
  • Black is the choice of those who prefer timeless elegance and luxury.  
  • Graphite adds versatility and will fit into any everyday look.  
  • Red– for those who want to stand out and add bright colors on winter days.  
  • Wine color brings a touch of sophistication and depth to the image.  
  • The olive shade is perfectly combined with natural tones, adding tranquility and harmony to the image.  
  • The gray-blue color will give freshness and lightness, reminding of the winter sky.  
  • Green- this emerald shade will add elegance and a positive attitude to the image.  

The brand also has some women's models in additional trendy shades:

  • Cappuccino:This warm and cozy shade reminds you of your favorite drink on a cold winter day. Down jackets in this color will add a touch of sophistication and warmth to your look.  
  • Gray granite:this color is ideal for creating strict and elegant images, adding a touch of restraint and confidence to them.  
  • Blue-gray:a harmonious combination of tranquility and sophistication. The shade, which recalls the frozen waters of a winter lake, gives the image a feeling of freshness and lightness.  

Laplanger products are designed for those who do not want to choose between comfort and style. A distinctive feature of down jackets is the ability to withstand extreme temperatures up to -60C, providing reliable protection on the coldest winter days.  

In addition to men's and women's models, the range also includes PLUS SIZE collections and overalls that provide warmth and comfort for every customer.  

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