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Fashion iconKarl Lagerfeld was known all over the world for his distinctive and modern approach to style. Under his creative leadership, the fashion house KARL LAGERFELD has its roots in timeless classics with modern rock chic. Men's collections include casual clothes, bags, small leather goods, accessories, shoes, watches, glasses and perfume.





Under the creative direction of Karl Lagerfeld One of the most influential and iconic designers in the world, his eponymous House represents a modern approach to distribution, an innovative digital strategy and a 360-degree global vision that reflects the designer's own style, his soul.

Karl Lagerfeld's DNA portfolio is rooted in creative, iconic, cool and affordable luxury clothing and accessories. The fashion house produces men's and women's pret-a-porter clothing, watches, glasses, shoes, plus a carefully designed line of bags and other leather goods. In 2014, the portfolio was expanded with the addition of premium fragrances for men and women.



Creative to the core and passionately interested in the world around him, Karl Lagerfeld has worked with various prestigious brands on high-profile projects. His collaborations included the creation of a capsule collection of shoes for Melissa, accessories for S.T.Dupont and Agusta VIP helicopters.

KARL LAGERFELD distribution is spread all over the world, and is constantly expanding its presence in global retail in order to consolidate its position as one of the world's leading brands.

Headquarters in Paris, Saint-Germaindes district-Prés.






The man KARL LAGERFELD is stylish and impeccably dressed because of his lifestyle, not because he follows fashion trends. Age does not matter, he lives in the spirit of youth and cheerfulness. He is a self-made man, confident and courageous, whose attributes express his style. A man of the world who can be found in Paris, New York, London and Hong Kong. He can be a creative director of a company or an entrepreneur running his own business. He remains active, owns a collection of expensive equipment and is fond of art. Travel is an important part of his life. Because of the dynamic life in the metropolis, he chooses rest and adventure: it can be a beach holiday, where he will explore the local environment and make long hikes, or a city he has already visited more than once, where he will be able to attend several cultural events. He has a pretentious taste, he knows what he likes and is not shy about going after what he wants. He is a happy and versatile man who feels at ease in various situations. Modern life for him is not only a sense of innate confidence, but also the ability to be himself.