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Ivko is the soul of Serbian design

If the soul demands beauty, it must be provided with what it wants. It was with the restless soul, with the desire to embody the beauty of the nature of the globe, with the unique ornaments of the peoples of the world that the formation of the brand Ivko began. A flight of imagination, a bold approach to clothing design and the absence of strict restrictions and frameworks provided the general direction of the brand and its main task to show female individuality in clothing.


IVKO Woman designer knitwear on the Fashion magazin platform


Ivko – is a brand and manufacturer of premium designer women's clothing, which for more than 25 years has been specializing in the design and creation of knitted clothing that combines exceptional craftsmanship and modern knitting technologies. His story begins with the nominal Ivkovich fashion house, established in 1986 in Belgrade (Serbia). From the very first day, the brand relied on the author's high-quality women's clothing made of knitwear and textiles and still does not lower the high bar of collections.


Ivko is unique for every woman


The company Ivko began with an art salon and an author's atelier, which for 27 years of work was able to become the most recognizable, unlike any other designer knitwear brands in the world and take a leading position in the European and American fashion world.


Today, the retail chain of designer clothing Ivko has over 500 retail outlets in Serbia, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Norway, the USA, Canada and Russia. The brand has its own website and a convenient application for wholesale purchases. The design team releases a new pret-a-porte collection for each season, which, in addition to the individual face of the brand, takes into account current global trends in fashion. The new season is a new story telling about the bright world of flora and fauna, about interesting places on the planet or about the emergence of a particular world ethnic group. All collections are presented at the most prestigious professional exhibitions in the world.


IVKO Woman designer knitwear on the Fashion magazin platform


Excellent quality and design are the priority of this company. All models are made at our own factory located in Serbia and equipped with high-tech modern equipment. This is what allows the brand to produce such a diverse and high-quality clothing. The use of elements of national world cultures in modern fashion representation has become the hallmark of Ivko and makes this Fashion House truly unique.
In the manufacture of clothing, only natural fabrics and yarn are used - 100% merino and lamb wool, cotton, linen, silk and their mixtures, as well as personalized accessories made of natural materials. Graphic drawings, floral ornaments, jacquard patterns, embroidery, printing on knitwear - all this gives the collections an impressive variety, chic and unique style. It is not surprising that the brand has fans in a variety of countries.



IVKO Woman designer knitwear on the Fashion magazin platform


Customer Ivko – the girl is special. She loves and appreciates her world, has inner strength and confidence in herself and her own style, which she does not change from youth to adulthood. The brand's collections have everything to create a full-fledged image for each season, from socks and tights with an author's pattern to chic dresses, cardigans and warm felted coats. There are also laconic things with minimal decor, and bright multicolored models that will become a point of attraction even in a large multi-brand department store.
The brand offers a wide size range of its models, almost all of them are made from 36 to 44 European size, some are 46 European size. In pricing, the company adheres to a uniform policy in all countries of the world.
When working with this unique brand, it is necessary to catch and love its unusual soul. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with Ivko already at the first acquaintance, so every client, having come once, stays with Ivko for life!