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Terms of cooperation

Since 2016, the Fleur de vie brand has been expanding its retail network. The concept of the departments is characterized by branded color solutions, functional use of space inside the sales area, clear zoning by categories for boys and girls, by age categories, as well as by collections.

Requirements for franchisees:

  • the desire to develop a business in the field of goods for children in the middle price segment;
  • availability of investments to open a store under the Fleur de vie brand;
  • compliance with the brand concept in pricing, marketing and product policy.

Fleur de vie Franchise Package:

  • exclusive rights (a city of no more than 300 thousand inhabitants) and/or a priority right to open two subsequent stores (for cities with millions) and to sell Fleur de vie products in a certain geographical area;
  • ready-made business with standardized business processes;
  • the franchisee receives a full package for the launch of the store;
  • no monthly royalties;
  • 15% discount on the wholesale price;
  • the possibility of returning seasonal products in the amount of 20% of the average monthly turnover (offset for new collections).

The main necessary conditions for opening a store:

  • the area of the store's trading floor is at least 50 sq. m.;
  • mandatory approval of the location of the store, repair according to the requirements of the design project;
  • mandatory compliance with the requirements for the design of the store, the product range and compliance with corporate identity;
  • initial purchase according to the approved product range;
  • mandatory purchase of new seasonal collections;
  • sale in the sales area of only productsFleur de vie;
  • approval of the marketing action plan.

The Fleur de vie franchise is a successful business for true connoisseurs of beauty and fashion.

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