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Terms of cooperation


G. Hersbroek, Germany


Shipment and payment:

Shipment is carried out (by contract) through a transport company by car or air transport at the customer's choice to any regions of the Eurasian Economic Union. Depending on the type of contract/shipment, payment is made directly by bank transfer to the company's account or through a logistics company. The possibility of discounts with prepayment and individual conditions for large orders.


Product order:

Pre-order can be made mainly in the showroom in Dusseldorf (Halle 29, Rheinmetallee) and at the CPM exhibition in Moscow. The minimum order is 5000 euros, an advance payment of 20% of the order amount.


Warehouse service:

Availability of the service NOS–Never Out of Stock (always available): our warehouse facilities provide high stocks. The system created by the company Baukasten (designer suit) The jacket and trousers are offered separately, with the ability to freely combine sizes with guaranteed uniformity of the color of the products. Additional order guarantee for two years.


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