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15.08.2019 | Анна Консон

Carl Gross – impeccable quality and the art of metamorphosis

For almost a hundred years, loyal fans of the German menswear brand Carl Gross have been admiring its highest quality. The company Creation Gross, created in 1925 in the city of Neuhaus, located on the ancient lands of the Franks, has already three generations of the dynasty of "Carolingians" in the field of fashion, famous for creating impeccable men's suits. The glory of this enterprise began back in those distant times, when the jacket finally conquered the space between the coat and the tailcoat, becoming a visible expression of the era of universal egalitarianism. That is why the jacket, dualistic in nature, democratic and aristocratic at the same time, universal in the way of its presence in the world, is so important for the philosophy of men's clothing.Carl Gross.



Skillfully combining business style with elegance, restraint with freedom, masculinity with grace, and classics with fashion trends, Carl Gross has released various clothing lines for men, taking into account their interests, views and the latest fashion trends.


Black Line This premium line demonstrates the uncompromising style of a confident man who appreciates impeccable quality and is attentive to details. The perfect fit, fitted silhouette and aristocratic spirit of clothing create a unique mood, and natural fabrics of the highest quality are supplied by well-known European companies such as Marzotto,Reda,Vitale Barberis,Guabello,Loro Piana,;Zegna and Cerruti.



CG –CLUB of GENTS is another smart casual style line created specifically for the younger generation.This collection is imbued with a rebellious spirit and is accompanied by thunderous peals of British rock music, the powerful chords of which slightly raise the villi of jackets made in fashionable colors.



Savile Row by CG is a line for bold men who love fashionable parties, in such a suit you will always be the center of attention, and your thoughts will be a wonderful addition to your extravagant image.   


In the impressive list of products Carl Gross suits, coats, jackets, vests, pullovers, blazers, shirts, knitwear, and even ties. All this wide assortment range in the hands of a thoughtful buyer quickly adds up to a single capsule wardrobe according to the Baukasten system, invented in 1996, where a suit and trousers are offered as separate elements.


Carl Gross – it's always the art of metamorphosis: it seems, one whiff, and here a business man of office space turns into a relaxed gentleman gazing at the sun on one of the quiet European streets.  «Perfection consists of little things…», this thought Michelangelo is directly related to the products of Carl Gross. We can say that the cult of a perfectly realized detail reigns throughout the company, which appears as a kind of triumph of spirit over matter.



"Style and quality are always behind the perfect suit. And in these two things we do not compromise."

Carl Gross since 1925



The details are made of ivory walnut and other natural materials such as horn, bone, mother of pearl and leather specially treated and dyed.

Materials, design and details are a real inspiration for Carl Gross: four buttons on the sleeves in different colors, delicate texture, sloping lapels with decorative buttonhole for buttons on the left, edged pockets with flaps, oblique chest pocket with lining that canIt can be used as an element of a breast scarf, an iridescent lining fabric of contrasting color with interesting patterns, as well as pockets for mobile devices with radiation protection.


More than 95% of the products are manufactured in factories located in Europe. Including in the workshop of the headquarters located in the city of Hersbroek. The special control group is responsible for the observance of the impeccable quality of all products Carl Gross.


The products are always in stock (Never out of stock), individual terms of cooperation are provided, the minimum order is 5000 euros, an advance payment of 20% of the order amount.


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Photo: Carl Gross