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ANNBRANND is a love story of style and creativity, embodied in every product. It is based on the dream of Anna Chernysheva, who has been interested in fashion since childhood, from creating dresses for dolls to organizing her own shows. Anna was able to turn her passion into life by creating the ANNBRAND brand for women who value not only beauty, but also the comfort of their wardrobe.

Origins and Philosophy
ANNBRANND was born out of inspiration from the luxury brands of the early 2000s, as well as a desire for openness, honesty and high quality. In a short period of time, just 8 months, the brand was able to make itself known, covering 16 regions of the Russian Federation and presenting its products in 25 multi-brand stores.

Products and Uniqueness
The "Middle up" segment reflects the essence of ANNBRAND products - a combination of affordable luxury and practicality. The assortment includes a wide range of women's clothing: from dresses and jackets to unique fur coats and accessories. The use of Italian fabrics made from natural materials not only emphasizes the status and quality of the product, but also guarantees its durability and compliance with current trends for more than one season.

Its own production and experimental workshop allow ANNBRAND not only to control quality at all stages of production, but also to bring to life the most daring ideas. Limited editions and special products emphasize the uniqueness and individuality of the brand.

ANNBRANND is a statement of self-expression and quality choice, created for the modern woman who values ​​both her appearance and the comfort and functionality of her wardrobe.

By joining ANNBRAND's network of wholesale partners, you not only gain access to exclusive collections and limited-edition products, but also become part of a brand that values ​​its customers and strives to exceed their expectations at every stage of cooperation.

The brand releases 7-10 collections a year, so there is always the opportunity to order new items that reflect the most current global trends and the individuality of each woman.