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Normal: famous tents and professional camping equipment in Russia

The history of Normal began at the turn of the 80-90s of the last century and stood at the origins of the domestic production of professional tourist equipment.

Here's what the founders of the brand tell us: “It all started back in the eighties. There were three of us, just like now. We were students of technical universities and worked in the aerospace industry — we developed parts for satellites and other flying objects. This engineering experience still helps us to create high-quality equipment. We often went hiking in nature. And since the equipment we had back then didn't quite suit us, we made it for ourselves and for our friends, and then for friends of friends.”

The global success of the brand Normal began with backpacks, which became dramatically popular. In terms of convenience, quality and functionality, they had no analogues in the post-Soviet space.

For more than 30 years Normal is a company that offers high-quality travel products of our own production: tents, backpacks, awnings and more.

The brand Normal is innovative technologies and constant development. The entire cycle from design and development of models to production takes place at the company's own production facility in St. Petersburg. A well-established supply system supplies high-quality materials from domestic manufacturers and world-famous brands to production

Normal is the leader in the Russian tourist equipment market! It is also a community of people who share a common passion for travel. Normal equipment is used by solo travelers and travel clubs throughout the country and beyond.