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27.09.2019 | Анна Консон

ZigZagDecor: flawless details

Today, accessories play an important role in the fashion industry. Manufacturers of clothing, shoes, haberdashery cannot do without high-quality, modern accessories. ZigZagDecor supplies exactly such products, which can compete with Western products.




In 2010 a new player appeared on the Russian sewing accessories market - Vologda company ZigZagDecor. Her specialization was the wholesale supply of accessories for the integrated supply of sewing enterprises. In 2016, the trademark ZZD was registered and the company set a task to satisfy the requests of clothing manufacturers for modern, high-quality domestic accessories at adequate prices. Such a request did not arise by chance. The growth of the euro and the dollar has led to the fact that high-quality accessories from European manufacturers have significantly increased in price and become almost inaccessible to domestic brands. In addition, many suppliers of accessories began to supply low-quality accessories in order to save money, but at the same time offered it as a premium product. In these conditions, it has become difficult for domestic brands and manufacturers focused on a wide sales market to purchase European fittings of decent quality.


The inaccessibility of high-quality materials and accessories is one of the problems that prevent Russian manufacturers of clothing and footwear from becoming equal competitors of foreign brands in the domestic market.


ZigZagDecor has been trying to contribute to the solution of this difficult problem for 5 years and we are engaged in the search, constant testing and examination of decent fittings at an affordable price. Having carefully studied during this time all the wishes of manufacturers of clothing, shoes and bags, the ZigZagDecor team has tested and selected the best factories in China that produce high-quality accessories for various segments of economy/standard/premium. Long-term partnerships with them and optimized logistics allow us to maintain a unique price-quality ratio. The list includes productions that cooperate with European and American brands on a permanent basis.


Close contact has been established with the technologists of these enterprises and there is a constant search for new options for using raw materials. So a zipper was created from a new titanium alloy, which makes the zipper durable, but at the same time, unlike the standard copper, lighter, which allows the use of metal zippers in the production of products made of thin fabrics (instead of the standard massively used plastic and "faceless"). Such advantages make it indispensable when creating bright design models.


It is no coincidence that many young brands cooperate with ZigZagDecor, ordering unique and high-quality accessories that can be made in small batches. This allows them to create new unique images, respectively, increase sales and reach a new level.

ZigZagDecor specializes in the production of zippers of all types (metal, plastic, spiral). Due to the need of the clothing market for an inexpensive, but stylish zipper, a variant of the zipper "tractor" with a metal coating was developed. The company knows all the features of the production of this type of fasteners and, thanks to the use of high-quality materials, they ensure the supply of reliable and beautiful zippers. While the hardware market offers similar products, but characterized by poor coating quality and low strength of the plastic link, which provokes numerous situations with the return of goods to manufacturers and damages the reputation of brands.


The collections of ZigZagDecor are not limited to such kind of products as zippers. Today, under the brand nameZZD, a wide range of buttons, lace, decor and appliques has been formed. Moreover, each type is designed and manufactured taking into account the most modern trends of European fashion. The possibilities of the brand are very wide, including the supply of zippers and buttons according to the sketch and with the client's logo, any color combinations and sizes. The lace segment is developing very actively.  ZigZagDecor can supply a wide variety of types of these products made of natural and artificial materials, including the most popular today soft and silky lace «Chantilly».


The company is constantly looking for opportunities to expand the range and network of partner factories. Fittings under the brand nameZZD are trusted by eminent designers and large sewing industries. The company's products are sold by the largest wholesalers of sewing accessories – «Welltex», «MAG», «Sima Land», «Logos».

Durability and impeccable quality of fittings fromZZDhave made the company the most desirable supplier in Russia. 


Photo: ZZD