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18.06.2019 | Альбина Весина

ZZD: in the intricacy of lace

What are laces and ribbonsused for in modern fashion? More recently, the answer would have been: «For finishing in the underwear segment». Today, these materials are much more widely used. Lace and ribbons trim everything from light dresses to … fur coats. Yes, outerwear, fur coats and down jackets have become light and weightless and are decorated with ribbons and lace. Therefore, modern trends place increased demands on these light industry products. It is very important that they are not only beautiful and original, but very high-quality and hardy in operation.



All lace and ribbon supplied by ZigZagDecor meet all these requirements. Natural and artificial fibers are used in the manufacture, providing excellent quality of weaving, thanks to which the pattern does not deform and does not spread during processing and frequent wear. As a result, the lace does not fade, and due to the use of modern dyes, it retains its original appearance for a very long time.

Separately, I would like to mention the line of lace made of natural threads of cotton and linen. Thanks to modern methods of processing these fibers and natural dyes, they are soft to the touch, safe to use and hypoallergenic, so they can even be used in the manufacture of clothes for newborns. At the same time, they perfectly tolerate repeated washing and ironing with a hot iron.



It is also worth mentioning that the company ZigZagDecor supplies reps finishing tape and ribbons for lamps of a wide variety of colors and shades and executes orders for the manufacture of such products with the application of the customer's brand logo, which is especially important for the style sport casual, firmly established today at the peak of popularity.


Pay attention to the products of the company ZigZagDecor, which are produced in the world's largest factories in wide canvases, and then cut in accordance with the pattern and the specified sizes, which allows you to provide favorable prices for the customer.


Photo: ZigZagDecor