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24.05.2019 | Альбина Весина

ZZD: the shine of the sun in every button

It would seem such a small thing. But they are so different and so beautiful. Buttons. In the modern fashion industry, they become not just a kind of fastener, but a real designer decoration that turns a simple-cut model into a unique product. This is especially true for metal buttons that are relevant for any season.



The possibilities of the modern fashion industry allow today not only to choose beautiful and high-quality buttons for their most products, but also to make them according to their own design. And in the company ZigZagDecor this direction is developing especially successfully.



The company's specialists will help to purchase all the necessary sewing accessories, they will go through all stages of development of author's designs with the client. It turns out that today you can bring your sketches and, using the knowledge accumulated by the employees of ZigZagDecor, turn them into a technical task for the manufacture of author's buttons, coordinated with the technical services of the factories producing accessories. And the brand designer will be sure of what he will get at the exit. So you can not be afraid at the final stage of the production of the collection to face a situation from the famous Internet joke "Expectation and reality".



Various technologies are used for the manufacture of metal buttons. The most common are stamping or casting. For the manufacture of buttons of the highest quality in the factories of ZigZagDecor , injection molding and die casting are used. The factories are equipped with the most modern equipment and use only high-quality materials.


The production includes several stages:

  • development of a form based on a sketch;
  • injection mold manufacturing;
  • casting;
  • grinding;
  • galvanizing, painting and applying decor.

The last two stages are the most important for obtaining a high-quality product. During grinding, the button surface is processed to become perfectly smooth. Galvanization makes the button beautiful, in the process colored enamels and decorative elements are applied to it.


Each button must undergo a quality control procedure. Metal buttons are tested by thermal shock and checked for corrosion resistance. After the procedures performed, not a single crack, notch or hole should appear on their surface. And, of course, there should be no extraneous inclusions on the button.

The distances between the holes on the buttons must be the same. The walls of the holes should be smooth and straight, so that the threads with which the button is sewn are not damaged during operation. Therefore, special attention is paid to the production technology of the button shape and the stage of its grinding. Thanks to the strictest control at every stage of production, ZigZagDecor receives premium quality buttons that retain their coating for many years.


All buttons ZigZagDecor – factory production. They exactly correspond to the technical task, are made of the highest quality materials, will not lose their properties and decorative properties during operation and will become a real decoration for clothes, turning the simplest models into designer ones. The application of the brand logo on the button will emphasize the quality of the product, as is customary with all recognized luminaries of the fashion industry. There are no minor details in success. Everything is important, starting with the smallest button.



In the assortment ZigZagDecor there are buttons with a metallized coating, completely made of metal, with a wide variety of decor up to rhinestones. The minimum batch is from 50 pieces.


Make it easier for yourself to succeed. Rationally use the funds for the production of the collection. Work with proven and competent professionals. The company ZigZagDecor guarantees quality, uniqueness and strict compliance with all obligations.


Photo: ZigZagDecor