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12.04.2019 | Альбина Весина

ZZD: Battle for Metal

Accessories from a simple practical element, the function of which is to simply and securely connect the sides of a coat or jacket, connect the ends of cuffs or collars, have long turned into something more.


Metal zippers from ZZD


In the modern world, zippers and buttons have become a decorative element, which has every right not to carry any practical function and is responsible only for beauty.


So, where can I apply metal zippers? In addition to the traditional places of denim trousers and the already familiar leather braids, modern trends allow such zippers to fasten sleeves to jackets, coats and raincoats. Fashion designers have come up with swing trousers, zippers that are inserted in front or back along the entire length of the leg. They do the same with sleeves. One of the parts of the zipper can be sewn on the back or in front of a sewing or knitting product, depicting a mysterious dragon or other unprecedented beast.


Metal zippers from ZZD


Well, what a space in the decor of the keyring on the slider or even the slider itself! Modern designers have a lot of fantasies. But the consumer always wants all this to function properly and be convenient to use.


What you need to remember and how to choose high-quality zippers


To begin with, remember that clothes have to be washed or cleaned. And if metal buttons can be cut off before the procedure and then re-sewed, then it is very difficult to do this with zippers. Therefore, you need to be sure of the quality of the coating of the metal elements of the fastener. They should not be corroded by moisture and cleaning agents. They should open and close smoothly, have no notches and do not leave metal filings when working, even after prolonged use of products.


Metal zippers from ZZD


All these requirements are fully met in the production of metal fittings manufactured under the brand name ZZD. The specialists of the company ZigZagDecor will not only help you choose the fasteners you need by design, but will also advise you on the development of specialized branded metal fittings. This will help the brand to find its own face and style, which will be recognizable even by a keychain or rivet. Which will significantly increase the status of the sewn clothes.


Metal zippers from ZZD


Among other things, the orders of the brand ZZD are placed only in verified factories and undergo strict control at all stages of production, from the approval of the sketch to the packaging. So neither the designer nor the buyer will have to blush for a poorly working zipper.


Metal zippers from ZZD


High-quality coating, original materials and design will be the key to success in embodying the designer's decorative thoughts in a metal zipper. Trust the professionals from ZZD, and the quality and durability of the fittings will not disappoint you!


Photo: ZZD