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10.04.2019 | Альбина Весина

ZZD: Lightning-fast profit for your business!

Company ZigZagDecor – wholesale supplier of accessories for the integrated supply of sewing enterprises. ZZD offers only proven high-quality goods with a clear delivery schedule. Long-term partnerships and optimized logistics allow us to maintain a unique price-quality ratio. The secret of the success of designer brands is in high-quality accessories. Create a foundation for future profits with the ZZD hardware!


Accessories from ZigZagDecor


ZigZagDecor delivers a wide range of accessories of European quality.Zippers, buttons, lace, ribbons, appliques and jewelry. Exclusive design and innovative technologies. Control over every stage of development from the approval of the sketch to the packaging. 100% guarantee of quality and terms.


Accessories from ZigZagDecor


Durability and impeccable quality of fittings from ZZD have made the company the most desirable supplier in Russia. Don't miss the chance to make your business more successful!Minimize losses, entrust the manufacture of accessories to professionals.


Photo: ZZD