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21.08.2023 | Roman Popov

Merselis: Lavender mood for summer 2024

The brand Merselis,known for its unique style and high quality, presents a limited collection of the summer 2024 season,which will immerse you in the world of tenderness and harmony. Carefully selected fabrics and elegant styles make each dress unique. They will emphasize femininity and create an atmosphere of romance. The Merselis summer 2024 collection presents not only dresses, but also jackets and suits.The collection will be presented exclusively at the CPM exhibition in Moscow at Expocentre Fairgrounds from August 29 to September 01, 2023.

We invite wholesale buyers to visit the stand of TD Merselis at the CPM exhibition: stand 22C20, pavilion 2.A 10% discount is waiting for you when pre-ordering and paying at the stand!  

Nothing compares to the scent of lavender, which penetrates into every cell of the body and soothes the soul. "Lavender, mountain lavender..." Who doesn't know Sofia Rotaru's famous song?

However, few people thought about the fact that now it is no longer so associated with mountains. For many years this beautiful plant has been a symbol of mountain landscapes and the French province. But today we are faced with an interesting phenomenon — lavender has begun to actively grow in the fields, replacing the usual mountain slopes. Such a change in the place where lavender grows has also affected its popularity and perception by society. Lavender color has become a real trend that can be seen in various spheres of life — from fashion and decor to cosmetics and aromatherapy. Its delicate purple palette gives a feeling of calm and relaxation, causing positive emotions in people. That is why the Merselis brand chose a lavender field to shoot the collection for next summer.

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