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21.06.2023 | Roman Popov

How to Style Mercelis dresses

Boho styles, cacti, hats, big glasses, bohemian and straw bags... What to combine all this into one picture? That's right, Merselis! Today we are seeing a boom in the popularity of hippie style, woven things, boho chic. We create a small touch of fashionable vintage with the help of styling. Add the right accessories - and now you can be photographed on the cover of the magazine.

Brand < mark class="cdx-marker">Merselis creates photo shoots and video reviews of its new products for you several times a season!

One of the main features of Merselis is all kinds of prints. Every year there are new colors. Each customer will be able to choose the color and print in the new collection to their taste.

And of course, the strength of the summer collection is precisely feminine dresses. There are midi-length dresses, there are floor-length dresses, but there is also a length above the knee.

Designers and designers are constantly adding new models, and there are also dresses that are repeated from season to season due to popularity. However, you can see different stylizations on different shots.

The Russian manufacturer, which has been operating for 19 years, the Merselis brand accepts wholesale orders, is set up for long-term cooperation and development!

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