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13.06.2023 | Roman Popov

How does summer begin?

In general, the fact that it is finally warm and sunny already increases the amount of endorphins, because summer pleases with the very fact of its existence. But it's still nice to have a couple of additional reasons for a good mood!

The summer collection of Merselis is bright shades, warmth and carelessness! The fabrics are soft and breathable, so you can stay cool even on hot summer days. In addition, many dresses are presented in various colors and prints, so that the buyer will be able to find something that fits perfectly into his style.  

There is no denying that summer is a special time of the year. For most people, summer also marks the beginning of a new life. The Merselis brand inspires us every season with new shoots and images created to adorn any figure. Products of this brand are sold and touted by women not only in Russia, but also in the near abroad.

After months of cold weather, summer gives you the opportunity to start all over again and recharge with positivity. How does summer begin? Of course with a new dress!

The Russian manufacturer, which has been operating for 19 years, the Merselis brand accepts wholesale orders, is set up for long-term cooperation and development!

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