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17.04.2019 | Альбина Весина

IVKO: bright shades of femininity in fashionable clothes 2019

Many famous luxury houses and more democratic brands, as fashion trends dictate, offer an abundance of color palette for this spring.


Ivko: secrets of European fashion


In a huge variety of trends, it is not possible for many buyers, and even retail, to single out the main thing. At the same time, the most fashionable women I met in London, Paris and in the Polish fashion capital Krakow this March were divided strictly into two groups. The first was a symbol of an office employee, closed from any manifestations of individuality and preferring impersonal black, a kind of antipode to the concept of "fashionable clothes 2019". The second was dressed in bright, eye-catching knitted cardigans, flying midi skirts, dresses of adjacent silhouettes, distinguished by unusually rich and harmonious color combinations. Such women fascinate with their bright image, sex appeal, confidence and elegance.


Ivko: secrets of European fashion


IVKO: fresh and bright, for girls and women


It just so happened that I managed to find out from the fashionistas the secret of such an impressive effect. The excellent quality of the material and the perfect fit on the figure gave out the brand of the luxury segment. Kenzo? No, more feminine. Missoni? No, there are more diverse colors, prints and a much more interesting cut of women's clothing. So who creates this amazing fabulous beauty, as if learning the secrets of a magical tangle?


Ivko: secrets of European fashion


Surprisingly, fashionistas all over the world are delighted to discover the Serbian brand IVKO. British eBay, the best regulator of supply and demand for fashionable clothes in 2019, perfectly shows the status and demand for this brand even among capricious, spoiled by their own brands of Englishwomen. Not all of them are ready to wear tweed or beige trench coats, although they impose them on others.


The real art of ornament, the highest quality of yarn used in all products of IVKO, made dresses, skirts, cardigans and scarves of this brand desirable acquisitions for women all over Europe. For example, residents of Scandinavian countries prefer to wear this brand, since local brands are much more expensive, while not differing in the same high quality of materials and cut. So, women's clothing made of organic cotton popular with the Scandinavians from native Northern designers reaches cosmic heights at a price.


Ivko: secrets of European fashion


A lot of innovations have been implemented in the new collection of the talented Serbian couturier Milica Nyogo. Structural knitting using not only high-quality wool, but also chenille thread helps to embody the latest ideas of the designer. The spring collection IVKO fits perfectly into the trend for decorativeness. And unique ornaments, whether it's the now so fashionable theme of Asian floristry or the brand's favorite quotes from impressionism and glamorous Art Deco, guarantee that any item in this collection will become a highlight of the wardrobe for several years, not for one season.


Author: Julia El Kublaela