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CLEVER wearis a modern Russian brand of clothing and underwear for the whole family, which entered the Russian market in 2004.


Currently CLEVER wear work with wholesale companies and professional buyers from 350 cities across Russia and the near abroad, providing the best conditions for cooperation.



CLEVER wearpay special attention to comfort and variety of products. The partners of the company appreciate CLEVER wear for the availability of fashion trends and a wide range.


The range of the brand for men, women and children is represented by the main directions:

  • Men's and women's underwear;
  • Clothing for home and leisure;
  • Casual and business clothes;
  • Evening dresses;
  • Sportswear.

New seasonal collections «autumn-winter » and « spring-summer » are released 2 times a year, and fashion blocks are updated 1-2 times a month, without ignoring important holidays and world-scale events.



The quality of the brand CLEVER wear is time-tested and is ensured by the well-coordinated work of professionals, as well as the presence of its own modern sewing production.During production, special attention is paid to canvases: mainly natural materials are used for sewing.