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Youth business suit

Vendor code: 57-0008_423562-63

CG ANDY is one of the most versatile jackets from CG - Club of Gents. You will love its versatility, especially when traveling. Wear different shirts, ties and shoes every day, and you will walk in it for almost a whole week. Together with the CG Archie trousers, which you can buy yourself in size, you have such a station wagon in your wardrobe

The CG ARCHIE suit trousers from CG - CLUB GENTS are a youth model with a low fit. The innovative combination of materials reveals only their best qualities. A combination of soft, smooth yarn made of natural wool with durable and dirt-repellent properties of polyester. For the accuracy of the fit, a small proportion of elastane is added. This ensures the highest level of comfort and a perfect fit.

Youth, fashionable CG ARVIN vest from CG - CLUB GENTS. You can order it regardless of the jacket and trousers, just enter your clothing size and quantity, and you have already expanded your suit to a beautiful three-piece. Meanwhile, a vest is sometimes even a substitute for a jacket, and therefore is worn quite well without a jacket

Jacket: fit - narrowed cut; rectangular lapel; embroidered buttonhole on the lapel; 2-button model; Contains non-textile components of animal origin! Trousers: low fit; French pockets; good resistance to bending, durability, stretch quality. Vest: 4 buttons (the bottom always remains unbuttoned); narrowed cut, 2 pockets with narrow stripes; Can be adjusted at the waist with a tab
Jacket: Back length approx. 74 cm in size 50; sleeve length approx. 65.5 cm in size 50; girth approx. 103.4 cm in size 50. Trousers: waist circumference approx. 90 cm in size 50; inner seam length approx. 82.5 cm in size 50; bottom width approx. 38 50 cm in size. Vest: Back length approx. 60 cm in size 50; circumference approx. 104 cm in size 50
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