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Carl Gross perfect quality and modern elegance for men


German thoroughness, traditions and a modern look at the classics are masterfully combined in the collections of the brand Carl Gross. Originally from Germany, this brand has a long history and is a family business that has united three generations of the Gross family.


Carl Gross today is a modern clothing for men, elegant and masculine, but at the same time leaving freedom for the manifestation of individuality. This is not a boring classic, but respect for a business lifestyle that requires refinement and rigor. The brand also adds a touch of sophistication to the casual style.



The collections of the brand Carl Gross are addressed to men who appreciate high quality, comfort and elegance. The wide assortment range of the brand allows you to assemble a full-fledged men's capsule wardrobe that meets all the needs of a modern man. Suits, coats, jackets, trousers, shorts, shirts, knitwear – the wealth of choice will satisfy even the most demanding customer.


The best fabrics of premium brands such as Marzotto, Reda, Vitale Barberis, Guabello, Loro Piana, Zegna, Cerruti, etc. are used for the production of clothing Carl Gross. In addition, a number of fabrics are made exclusively for the brand by special order.


Carl Gross takes into account not only the high expectations of his client, but also the difference in needs, offering several lines with different moods.




The elegant line Carl Gross also has an additional premium line Carl Gross Black Line This is exclusive quality, the most expensive fabrics and impeccable style.






The CG Club of Gents line represents a more relaxed fashion that goes beyond the classic style. This line is inspired by the Brit-pop style and the London lifestyle, with its characteristic rebelliousness and thirst for freedom. This line is for bold and bold fans of unusual silhouettes and bright colors.





The additional line Savile Row by CG is a kind of highlight of the brand CG – Club of Gents. It presents clothes for extravagant men who create their own style with a touch of irony and respectable swagger.



Attention to detail, relevance, expensive materials and accessories, high quality of cut and tailoring are inherent in all lines without exception Carl Gross. The only difference is in the style solution, which makes the brand suitable for a wide range of buyers.


The special control group is responsible for the observance of the impeccable quality of all products of Carl Gross. More than 95% of the products are manufactured in factories located in Europe. Including in the workshop of the brand headquarters in the city of Hersbroek.


The technological process brought to perfection multiplied by the work of professionals of the highest level allows the brand to maintain high quality standards.