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14.09.2017 | Степан Максимов

Urban Mood Fleet: the beginning of a new season

A new series of open lectures and master classes dedicated to personal development is starting in the shopping center Aviapark as part of the non-profit educational project Urban MoodAviapark. Every Thursday, all registered guests will be able to take part in public talks, seminars and master classes of well-known experts, businessmen, coaches and representatives of creative professions.From sports to fashion, from art to psychology.


In the rhythm of a modern city, we all experience an acute shortage of time. The reason for this is often incorrectly set goals and objectives. On how to properly direct internal resources and not be sprayed on distractions, On September 14 will tell the executive coach Svetlana Landa in her master classAll at once. The rules of successful and happy, or Time management in a feminine way". At the master class, effective tools and principles of time management will be given to help restore life balance, without which a modern woman and especially a female leader cannot do. Svetlana will open the autumn series of eventsUrban MoodAviapark.



On September 21,, the creator of the projectOrganic Woman and Organic Woman Club, Yulia Krivokostova, was invited to the lecture hallUrban MoodAviapark. The speaker will continue the topic of harmonization of life, so necessary in the harsh autumn weekdays. Julia is the ideologist of a new organic (harmonious) life focused on progressive women in the big city. Having extensive experience in organizing wellness events, Yulia Krivosova will talk about how to properly maintain her physical and spiritual condition. The topic of her speech: «What would you like to eat to become happy».


On September 28the guest of the lecture hall will be the Candidate of Philological Sciences and concurrently the editor-in-chief of the», co-host of radio shows «We Speak Correctly» on «Radio 7 on Seven Hills» and «Wordplay» on «Radio Culture»,Vladimir Pakhomov. He will tell you how to achieve success in public speaking and give valuable recommendations for those who want to improve their literacy level. The topic of his lecture: «We speak so that they understand. Stylistics and vocabulary of communication".