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18.09.2018 | Альбина Весина

TEGIN Atelier

Founder of the House TEGIN designer Svetlana Tegin opens a new line of activity - her own atelier of elegant and evening clothes TEGIN Atelier. From September, in the design studio at the Winery, it will be possible to make an appointment for a personal consultation and, after several meetings and fittings, get an evening or wedding dress according to individual measurements and design. TEGIN Atelier works in the tradition of haute couture, which means that each such dress will be at least 70% hand-sewn.



Previously, working together with Svetlana Tegin, as well as designers and craftsmen of the House TEGIN was a privilege of famous actresses, part of whose main work consists in ceremonial receptions, cocktail parties and presence on the red carpet. To feel their involvement in the subtle creative process, to make it more fascinating and individual, the stars have repeatedly turned to Svetlana Tegin, who has an incomparable sense of beauty.


Now not only celebrities have got such an opportunity. You can also join the experience of creating unique dresses at Home TEGIN . The masters of TEGIN Atelier under the guidance of Svetlana Tegin will select the perfect cut and fabrics in the spirit of the House and taking into account personal tastes and requirements of customers.Things created with attention to the wishes and personality of the client will be comfortable, and maybe even draw the attention of the stars of the earth and heaven to you and cause a smile from a whimsical lady of Good Luck.


Photo: Tegin