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01.06.2018 | Альбина Весина

"Shoes of Russia" introduces blockchain

The Group of Companies "Shoes of Russia" has completed a project to introduce blockchain into its IT systems for project management of the company's financial services, providing installment payments for the purchase of shoes and cash loans. The main goal is to ensure the safety of personal data and all information about transactions under contracts with customers. This is the company's own development, fully adapted to the Group's IT systems and integrated with the ERP system "Shoes of Russia", which is built on the basis of 1C.



Comments Dmitry Karpenko, IT Director of the Group of Companies "Shoes of Russia": "Blockchain is necessary to manage interaction with customers who use additional services of the Group. These are regular customers with whom we have a long history of cooperation. At the moment, the base of such buyers has more than 1.2 million people. The popularity of additional services is growing: at the end of 2017, our installment portfolio grew by 20.7% and amounted to 3.24 billion rubles. The key task of blockchain technology is to preserve the entire history of interaction with our customers, namely personal data, information about mutual obligations, payments and the like.


The introduction of blockchain will ensure the security, reliability, relevance and reliability of information on all transactions (contracts) and exclude the possibility of any unauthorized changes. Moreover, we are talking about both external interventions (hacker attacks, failures in the operation of communication channels) and from within. One of the main tasks is to ensure on-site control, automate business processes as much as possible, guarantee the safety of information and exclude the possibility of any unauthorized changes.



All data on customer interaction is encrypted and distributed stored in three data centers of the company in Novosibirsk (central data center), Khabarovsk and Moscow (the latter was created this spring). The Group uses a two-level encryption system: first, a unique key (hash) is assigned to each contract, and then contracts executed during the day are combined into blocks and also encrypted. Each hash of the contract and block contains a link to the previous block or contract. This ensures the safety of information and the integrity of the system.


Having gained successful experience in implementing blockchain in the field of financial services management of the company, security and information protection, "Shoes of Russia" is considering other areas of application. Now he is analyzing the possibilities of using blockchain technology in accounting and CRM (loyalty system).


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